Checking Consumables

You can use the operation panel to check the information of the consumables.

Checking Paper

You can display the currently specified paper size and paper type, and the remaining paper level for each paper source.
 ()  <Consumables Info.>    <Paper Information>    Select the paper source  

Paper source selection

Select the paper source of which information is displayed.

Checking the Toner Cartridge Model

You can display the model number of the toner cartridge for the machine.
 ()  <Consumables Info.>    <Toner Cart. Model>  

Checking the Toner Cartridge Status

Displays the toner cartridge status. Other internal parts may reach the end of their lifetime before the toner runs out.
 ()  <Consumables Info.>    <Remaining Toner>  
The displayed values can be used only as a guide and may differ from the actual status.