Printing from USB Memory (USB Direct Print)

You can print files directly by connecting a USB memory device to the machine. Using this function, you can print without using a computer.
Available USB Memory Devices
You can use FAT32 formatted USB memory devices.
Do not use non-standard USB memory devices. You may not be able to print the files properly depending on the USB memory device.
Do not connect anything other than a USB memory device. USB memory devices cannot be connected via a USB hub or an extension cable.
Do not use USB memory devices with special functions such as built-in security functions.
Connect a USB memory device to the USB port on the right side of the machine.
The following screen is automatically displayed.
If the screen is not displayed, press  ().
Do not shock or shake the USB memory device or the machine while the device is connected to the machine.
Use / to select <Select File(s)>, and press .
Select the type of the file to print, and press .
Select the file to print, and press .
You can select multiple files.
To clear a selection, select the file you have selected (marked with ), and press . To clear all selections, select <Clear All>, and press .
To display the contents of a folder, select a folder, and press or . To return to the folder in the upper level, press  or .
Folders and files in lower levels or with longer names may not be displayed.
When you move to another folder, the previous file selections will be cleared.
Select <Apply>, and press .
When printing an XPS Document Using a Print Ticket
When a file to print is in XPS format, it can be printed according to the print ticket (print settings) attached to the file.
Specify the print settings as necessary.
Select the desired setting item, press , and specify the setting.
Icons* in the description
    Settings for printing PDF files
    Settings for printing XPS files
    Settings for printing JPEG files
    Settings for printing TIFF files
*Icons are omitted for the settings that are displayed regardless of the file format.
<No. of Copies>
<Print Range>/<Print Range (TIFF)>
<2-Sided Printing>
<Binding Location>
<Select Paper>
<Match Paper Size>
<Enlarge Print Area>
<N on 1>
<Image Orientation>
<Print Position>
Select <Start Printing>, and press .
Printing starts.
To cancel printing, use the operation panel. Canceling Prints
Disconnect the USB memory device.
Select <Remove USB Memory>, and press .
Select <Yes>, and press .
Wait until the message shown below appears.
Disconnect the USB memory device.
If you select <Sort Files> on the screen in step 1, you can change the order of displaying files when you select the file to print.
If you always want to print with the same settings: Changing Default USB Print Settings