Saving/Loading Registered Data

Menu options data that has been registered in the machine can be saved in your computer (export). Data that is saved on your computer can also be registered in the machine (import). Data exported from this machine can be imported to another machine of the same model. So you can easily copy a variety of settings data to multiple machines. To use these features, it is required that you have logged on in Management Mode.
Do not turn OFF the machine until the export/import process is complete
It may take a few minutes to complete the process. If the machine is turned OFF during the process, it may result in damage to data or the machine.
Do not operate the machine during the export/import process
Before exporting/importing, check that no operation such as printing documents is currently processing.
Import/export using the operation panel
You can also save/load settings data via a USB memory device by using the operation panel of the machine. Import/Export Set.