Setting Access Privileges

Protect the machine from unauthorized access by only allowing users with access privileges to use the machine. Access privileges are set separately for the System Manager password, an account called "Department ID," and the Remote UI. When privileges are set, the user must enter an ID and PIN to print or change settings.
The System Manager password is intended exclusively for administrators while the Department ID is for genera users. Both are specified by System Managers. And by setting a Remote UI Access PIN, you can restrict use of the Remote UI.
System Manager Password
Specifying the settings for the machine from the Remote UI requires the System Manager password. The password is set to "7654321" by default, and can be changed to allow only specific administrators to change the settings.
Department ID (Department ID Management)
Department ID is an account for managing printing jobs. You can register multiple Department IDs to specify access privileges for a user (or group of users). If a user tries to print a document when Department IDs are enabled, the screen for entering a Department ID is displayed, and the user must enter his/her own Department ID. Information for each Department ID can be viewed, such as how many pages have been printed.
Remote UI PIN (Remote UI Access PIN)
This is a PIN for using the Remote UI. Only users who know the PIN can access the Remote UI.