The settings about print appearance including gutter margins and print positions are listed with short descriptions. Default settings are marked with a dagger ().

Number of Copies

Specify the number of copies.
1 to 9999

Offset Y/Offset X

You can specify settings for shifting the print position for all types of printing in 0.5 mm increments regardless of the paper source.
-50.0 to 0.0 to +50.0 (mm)
Specifying fine settings for the print position
You can select <Adj. Print Position> under <User Maintenance> to finely specify the print position for each paper source. The range of available offset values is from -5.0 mm to +5.0 mm. Adjusting Print Position

Binding Location

Select whether to bind the long edge or short edge of the printouts with a binding tool such as a stapler. In this case, specify settings for <Gutter> to adjust the binding margin, as well.
Long Edge
Short Edge


Adjust the margin width of the edge specified in <Binding Location> by shifting the print position of the print data. If you select "0.0", the margin will not be changed.
-50.0 to 0.0 to +50.0 (mm)

Alternative Method

When you perform 2-sided printing of a document that consists of an odd number of pages, you can select whether to process the last page in 1-sided printing mode. If you select <On>, the printing will be finished faster than the regular 2-sided printing.
When the printing of a document consisting of an even number of pages finishes in 1-sided printing mode
In the following cases, the last page is processed in 1-sided printing mode even if the document consists of an even number of pages.
The last page is blank.
The last page cannot be printed for a reason such as the paper size is not available for 2-sided printing.
When paper with preprinted logo is used
If the last page is processed in 1-sided printing mode with <Alternative Method> to <On>, the orientation or print side of the last page may not match those of other pages. In this case, set <Alternative Method> to <Off>.