<User Management>

All the settings related to user management of the machine are listed with descriptions. Default settings are marked with a dagger ().

<System Manager Information Settings>

Specify the ID or PIN exclusively for Administrators who have access privileges to <Network> and <Management Settings>. ID is <System Manager ID> and PIN is <System Manager PIN>. You can also register the name of an Administrator. Setting the System Manager ID and PIN
<System Manager ID and PIN>
Enter a number for the System Manager ID and PIN.
<System Manager ID>
<System Manager PIN>
<System Manager Name>
Enter alphanumeric characters for the name of an Administrator.

<Department ID Management>

Set the Department ID Management function to control access to the machine by using multiple IDs. Setting the Department ID Management
Touch panel model
<Department ID Management>
<Allow Print Jobs (Unknown IDs)>
Black and white LCD model
For the touch panel model
You can select <Register/Edit> to register department IDs and edit the settings of the registered IDs.
You can select <Count Mngt.> to check the total number of pages for jobs that have been executed to date on a department ID basis.
For the black and white LCD model
Specify whether to enable the Department ID Management. Use the Remote UI to perform department ID registration or check the machine usage status by department ID.