A5R/STMTR Distinction of Paper

For each paper drawer, you can set the paper size to use for the operation when the paper loaded in that paper drawer is either A5R or STMTR.
This item is effective when <All Sizes> is selected in <Ppr. Size Group for Auto Recog. in Drawer> (Set the Automatic Detection Size of the Paper Drawer) and <Auto> is selected in <Paper Size> (Specifying Paper Size and Type in the Paper Drawer).
Select <Paper Settings> in the Home screen. Home Screen
Select <A5R/STMTR Paper Selection>.
Select <A5R> or <STMTR> for each for each paper drawer, and then select <Apply>.
<Drawer 3> and <Drawer 4> are displayed only when the optional cassette feeding unit is installed.
Check the message, choose the <Close>.