Using ScanGear MF

You can use ScanGear MF to configure advanced scan settings when you scan. The way of starting ScanGear MF differs depending of the way of scanning from the computer.
Starting from MF Scan Utility
When scanning from MF Scan Utility, click [ScanGear] to start ScanGear MF. For more information, click [Instructions] on MF Scan Utility.
If you are a macOS user, see the manuals for the relevant drivers or software on the online manual website.
Starting from an application
To scan from applications such as image-processing or word-processing software, select ScanGear MF as scanner driver. Scanning Documents from an Application
Operations available with ScanGear MF
Previewing the image before scanning
Specifying the scanning area
Finely adjusting the image quality
How to use ScanGear MF
Click  for ScanGear MF, and see help.