Saving a Copy of a Sent Original

In addition to the address specified when the fax is sent, you can also send faxed documents to a preset storage address for archiving. This is useful for keeping a log of what has been sent. You can specify a fax number, an e-mail address, a shared folder on the computer, an FTP server or an I-Fax as the storage address.
Only destinations in the Address Book can be specified as a storage address. To use the Address Book, the destination must be registered beforehand. Registering Destinations
Select <Menu> in the Home screen. Home Screen
Select <Function Settings>  <Send>  <Fax Settings>.
Select <Archive TX Document>.
If the login screen appears, enter the correct ID and PIN. Logging in to the Machine
Select <On> in <Archive TX Document>.
When not using the function for archiving sent documents, select <Off>.
Configure storage of sent documents.
<Archive Address>
Specify the storage destination of sent documents. In the Address Book, select the check box for the destination to use as the storage location, and select <Apply>.
You can use the following format for file name: communication management number (four digits)_sent date and time_document number (three digits).file extension name.
Select <Apply>.