Installation Precautions

Avoid Installing the Machine in the Following Locations

Avoid locations subject to temperature and humidity extremes, whether low or high.

For example, avoid installing the machine near water faucets, hot water heaters, humidifiers, air conditioners, heaters, or stoves.

Avoid installing the machine in direct sunlight.

If this is unavoidable, use curtains to shade the machine. Be sure that the curtains do not block the machine's ventilation slots or louvers, or interfere with the electrical cord or power supply.

Avoid poorly ventilated locations.

This machine generates a slight amount of ozone etc. during normal use. Although sensitivity to ozone etc. may vary, this amount is not harmful. Ozone etc. may be more noticeable during extended use or long production runs, especially in poorly ventilated rooms. It is recommended that the room be appropriately ventilated, sufficient to maintain a comfortable working environment, in areas of machine operation. In addition, do not install this machine where it exhausts directly onto a person.

Avoid locations where a considerable amount of dust accumulates.

Avoid locations where ammonia gas is emitted.

Avoid locations near volatile or flammable materials, such as alcohol or paint thinner.

Avoid locations that are subject to vibration.

For example, avoid installing the machine on unstable floors or stands.

Avoid exposing the machine to rapid changes in temperature.

If the room in which the machine is installed is cold but rapidly heated, water droplets (condensation) may form inside the machine. This may result in a noticeable degradation in the quality of the copied image, the inability to properly scan an original, or the copies having no printed image at all.

Avoid installing the machine near computers or other precision electronic equipment.

Electrical interference and vibrations generated by the machine during printing can adversely affect the operation of such equipment.

Avoid installing the machine near televisions, radios, or similar electronic equipment.

The machine might interfere with sound and picture signal reception. Insert the power plug into a dedicated power outlet, and maintain as much space as possible between the machine and other electronic equipment.

Do not remove the machine's leveling feet.

Do not remove the machine's leveling feet after the machine has been installed.
If you put weight on the front of the machine while the drawers, paper decks or units within the machine are pulled out, the machine may fall forward. To prevent this from happening, make sure that the machine's leveling feet are in place.

Avoid installing the machine at high altitudes of about 3,000 meters above sea level, or higher.

Machines with a hard disk may not operate properly when used at high altitudes of about 3,000 meters above sea level, or higher.

Select a Safe Power Supply

 This machine has two power cords. Plug the machine into the following outlets.

208 V AC 16 A or greater (1-phase 3-wire)
208 V AC 24 A or greater (3-phrase 5-wire)

Make sure that the power supply for the machine is safe, and has a steady voltage.

Do not connect other electrical equipment to the same power outlet to which the machine is connected.

Do not connect the power cord to a multiplug power strip, as this may cause a fire or electrical shock.

The power cord may become damaged if it is stepped on, affixed with staples, or if heavy objects are placed on it. Continued use of a damaged power cord can lead to an accident, such as a fire or electrical shock.

The power cord should not be taut, as this may lead to a loose connection and cause overheating, which could result in a fire.

If excessive stress is applied to the connection part of the power cord, it may damage the power cord or the wires inside the machine may disconnect. This could result in a fire. Avoid the following situations:

Connecting and disconnecting the power cord frequently.
Tripping over the power cord.
The power cord is bent near the connection part, and continuous stress is being applied to the power outlet or the connection part.
Applying excessive force on the power plug.

Moving the Machine

If you intend to move the machine, even to a location on the same floor of your building, contact your local authorized Canon dealer beforehand. Do not attempt to move the machine yourself.

Provide Adequate Installation Space

Provide enough space on each side of the machine for unrestricted operation.

Keep the back of the machine at least 800 mm away from a wall.
Also, there must be a clearance gap of 5 mm between connections of the optional products.
imagePRESS C10010VP/C9010VP + Saddle Finisher-AN + POD Deck-D
imagePRESS C10010VP/C9010VP + POD Deck-D/Secondary POD Deck-D +Document Insertion Unit-N + Multi Function Professional Puncher-B + Perfect Binder-E + High Capacity Stacker-H x 2 + Paper Folding Unit-J + Saddle Finisher-AN + Booklet Trimmer-F + Two-Knife Booklet Trimmer-A