Specifying Destinations

You can specify a destination by selecting from the address book and the one-touch button, or entering a new address.
You can also recall destinations and sending settings from [Previous Settings] and [Favorite Settings] or specify destinations stored in the Job Log screen.

If the Destination Is Stored in the Address Book

If You Want to Enter a New Destination

Specifying Destinations with Useful Functions

Setting Cc and Bcc and Checking/Changing/Deleting Destinations

If you specify and send to an address not stored in the Local Address Book, it is not automatically added to the Address Book. It is deleted once the document is sent.
To view the detailed information for a selected destination, select the destination → press [Details].
You can change, edit, or delete destinations on the Fax Basic Features screen before scanning. (See "Checking/Editing/Deleting the Information for a Destination.")
You can specify a maximum of 256 destinations at the same time. However, if a group address is specified for the destination, each address stored in that group is counted as one destination.
If you frequently send documents to the same destinations, store these destinations in the Local Address Book beforehand. (See "Storing New Addresses.")