Registering Shortcut Keys

You can register modes in the shortcut keys displayed on the Copy screen. You can register up to five desired buttons from [Options] and [Favorite Settings].
This feature is useful when you want to register frequently used functions. (See "Registering/Editing/Deleting Favorite Settings Buttons.")
This mode can be set when the Copy function is available for use. For information on the optional products required to use the Copy function, see "Optional Products Required for Each Function."
Press .
Press [Function Settings] → [Copy] → [Register Options Shortcuts].
Press a shortcut button → select the function or favorite setting to be registered in the button.
Registering [Options]:
Registering [Favorite Settings]:
Unassigning [Options] or [Favorite Settings]:
Registering [Options]:
Select the function to assign.
Registering [Favorite Settings]:
Press [Preset Fav. Settings].
Select the favorite setting to assign.
Unassigning [Options] or [Favorite Settings]:
Press [Unassigned].
Press [OK] → [OK].
Example: The registered shortcut buttons are displayed as shown below.
Copy Screen