Registering Long Sheet Tray Defaults

This setting is useful if you always load the same paper size and type into the Long Sheet Tray-D by registering the default paper size and type for the tray in advance.
This mode can be set when the Long Sheet Tray-D is attached. (See "Long Sheet Tray-D.")
Be sure to correctly set the paper type. If the type of paper is not set correctly, it could adversely affect the quality of the image. Moreover, the fixing unit may become dirty and require a service repair, or the paper could jam.

Press .
Press [Preferences] → [Paper Settings] → [Long Multi-Purpose Tray Defaults].
Press [On] → [Register].
If you do not want to register the setting, press [Off] → proceed to step 6.
Select the desired paper type → press [Next].
For more information on paper types, see "Available Paper Stock."
You can register paper types that are not displayed on the detailed settings list in <Paper Settings: Paper Type>. For instructions on registering paper types, see "Registering Custom Paper Types."
Select the desired paper size.
Press [X] and [Y] → enter each value → press [OK].
You can also select a size key ([S1] to [S5]) containing a stored paper size setting, instead of entering values.
To select an inch paper size, see "mm/Inch Entry Switch".
Press [OK].