Loading Envelopes

Load envelopes in the multi-purpose tray. When printing on envelopes, to prevent paper jams and wrinkles, make sure to flatten any curls on envelopes before loading them. Also pay attention to the orientation of envelopes and which side is face up.
This section describes how to load envelopes with the proper orientation, as well as procedures that you need to complete before loading envelopes. For a description of the general procedure for loading envelopes in the multi-purpose tray, see Basic Paper Loading Method.

Before Loading Envelopes

Follow the procedure below to prepare the envelopes before loading.
Do not use envelopes that have glue attached to their flaps, as the glue may melt due to the heat and pressure of the fixing assembly.
Envelopes may become creased, depending on the type of envelopes or the conditions in which they are stored.
Streaks may appear where envelopes overlap.
Flatten any curls.
Pick up about five envelopes. Flatten any curls, and loosen the stiff areas in the four corners.
Repeat this step five times for each set of five envelopes.
Smooth the envelopes out, and remove any air inside them.
Place the envelopes on a flat surface, and move your hands in the direction of the arrows to remove the air inside the envelopes.
Repeat this step five times for each set of five envelopes.
Press down on the four sides.
Press down firmly on all four sides. In particular, carefully press down on the side facing the direction in which the envelopes will be fed. Press down firmly so that the flap stays flat.
Failure to firmly press down on the flap may result in a paper jam. If this happens, press down firmly on all four sides of each individual envelope.
Align the envelopes on a flat surface.
Check that no envelopes are tucked underneath the flap of the envelope above or below them.

Loading Envelopes in the Multi-Purpose Tray

Load the envelopes as indicated below, with the front side of the envelopes (the side without the glued areas) face down (recommended).
ISO-C5, Monarch, DL, COM10 No.10
Close the flaps, and load the envelopes so that their flaps are on the front side (: feeding direction).
Make sure that the paper stack does not exceed the load limit line (). If the envelopes are not fed properly even if they have been prepared according to the procedures, load the envelopes individually in the multi-purpose tray instead of loading several envelopes together.
Do not print on the reverse side of the envelopes (the side with the glued areas).
When you print on envelopes, remove them from the output tray 10 at a time.
Load envelopes with the flaps closed.