<Device Management>

All the settings related to management of information for the hardware and operations, as well as about management of data required when using the machine functions are listed with descriptions. Default settings are marked with a dagger ().
Asterisks (*)
Settings marked with "*1" cannot be imported or exported.
Settings marked with "*2" may be unavailable or vary or have different defaults depending on your country or region.

<Device Information Settings>

Enter alphanumeric characters for the name and the installation location to identify the machine.
<Device Name>

<Select Country/Region> *1 *2

Specify the country or region where the machine is used. The default setting may vary depending on the setting selected at initial power-on.
<United States (US)>
<Canada (CA)>
<Brazil (BR)>
<Mexico (MX)>
<Panama (PA)>

<Display Job Log>

Select whether to display the copying, printing, faxing, and scanning logs on the display of the machine and in the Communication Management Report.

<Scan w/Canon PRINT Business>

Select whether to allow scanning from a mobile device using the Canon PRINT Business application.

<Notify to Check Paper Settings>

Specify whether to display a message prompting you to check paper settings when loading the paper drawer into the machine.