Multi-drawer Paper Deck-D

In addition to normal Multi-drawer Paper Deck-C functions, installing the Paper Deck Double Feeding Detection Kit-B enables the machine to output paper to the escape tray if the machine detects multiple sheet feeding.
Also, you can connect the POD Deck Lite XL-A or Stack Bypass-C to the machine.
Do not place heavy objects on the Multi-drawer Paper Deck-D. That may result in poor print quality or damage.
If the machine is in the Sleep mode (the touch panel is not displayed, and only is lit), you may be unable to open theMulti-drawer Paper Deck-D . In this case, press to reactivate the machine, and then press the open button on the Multi-drawer Paper Deck-D.
If coated thin paper is used for printing, it may become creased depending on the latest print jobs. In that case, keep the paper deck open for about 10 minutes to lower the temperature of the paper deck, and then start printing again.
For information on the available paper, see Available Paper Stock.
To detect when multiple papers are fed with the Multi-drawer Paper Deck-D, the Paper Deck Double Feeding Detection Kit-B is required.

Parts and Their Functions

Front Cover (Buffer Pass)
Open Button
Press to open the paper deck when you need to load paper or check for a paper jam.
Paper Deck
The Multi-drawer Paper Deck-D can load up to 1,500 sheets of paper (80 g/m2) into the upper and middle decks, and up to 2,000 sheets of paper (80 g/m2) into the lower deck.
Through Path Cover
* This cover does not open if the optional Paper Deck Path Kit-A is not connected.