Printer Selection/Print Settings

In the [cngplp2l] dialog box, printer selection and basic print settings are performed.
Detailed print settings can be specified by clicking [Properties] to display the detailed settings dialog box (see "Printing Using the Driver UI").
Depending on the image resolution settings, the dialog box cannot be displayed within the screen, resulting in difficult operation. In this case, you can display the non-visible area beyond the screen by dragging the dialog box while pressing the [Alt] key.
Specifies printer selection and specification functions, detailed print setting functions (calls the detailed settings dialog box), and default printer settings.
Selects a printer registered in the print spooler.
Opens the Properties dialog box for the selected printer.
[Set as Default]
Specifies the selected printer as the default printer.
[Print Range]
Specifies the range of pages to be printed within the document.
[All Pages]
Prints all pages (default).
[Page Range]
Specifies a range of pages to be printed (e.g. 1-4 or 1-4, 7, 9-12).
[Print Pages]
Specifies the pages to be printed within the document.
[All Pages]
Prints all pages (default).
[Odd Number Pages]
Prints odd-numbered pages.
[Even Number Pages]
Prints even-numbered pages.
Specifies the number of copies to be printed and reverse order printing.
Specifies the number of copies (default is 1, maximum is 999).
[Reverse Order]
Specifies reverse order printing (default is OFF).
Starts printing.
[Print and Save Settings]
Stores the current settings as the default print settings, and starts printing with the current settings.
Cancels settings and printing, and closes the dialog box.