Printing Received E-mail (E-Mail Print)

E-Mail Print allows you to print the message and attached TIFF image files of an e-mail received from the POP3 mail server without using a computer. E-mails can be manually received as well as being automatically received at regular intervals. When the SMTP protocol is used, e-mails directly sent to the machine via no mail server are printed.
Manually Receiving E-Mails
Some files are unavailable depending on the file structure.
For information on the settings for receiving and printing e-mail with the machine, see Configuring E-Mail Print Settings.
For information on the specification of the e-mail print, see Printer Functions.

Outline of E-Mail Print


An e-mail message is printed with e-mail header information.
If the text in the e-mail body field does not fit in one line, a line break is automatically inserted.
When the toner cartridge is nearly empty, no e-mails can be received.

Manually Receiving E-Mails

If e-mail printing from the POP3 mail server is enabled, you can manually receive and print e-mails as well. When you want to connect to the mail server before automatically receiving e-mails or the machine is configured to prevent e-mails from being automatically received, follow the procedure below to manually receive the e-mails.
Press  (Status Monitor).
Select <RX>  <Check E-Mail RX>.
The machine is connected to the mail server. E-Mail Print is started for new e-mails in the mailbox of the mail server if any.