Setting Sounds

The machine produces sounds in a variety of situations, such as when control panel keys are pressed, or when a malfunction occurs. You can specify whether or not set each sound individually.
Select <Set> on the <Home> screen. <Home> Screen
Select <Preferences> <Volume Settings>.
Select a setting  select <On> or <Off>.
Setting Items
<Entry Tone>
Sound produced each time a key on the control panel is pressed
<Invalid Entry Tone>
Sound produced when an invalid key operation is performed, or when you enter a number outside the valid setting range
<Restock Supplies Tone>
Sound produced when the amount of toner is low
<Warning Tone>
Sound produced when a malfunction such as paper jam or operational error occurs
<Job Done Tone>
Sound produced when an operation such as printing is complete
<Energy Saver/Sleep Tone>
Sound produced when the machine enters sleep mode, or when the machine is turned OFF if you set <Quick Startup Settings for Main Power> to <On>. (Depending on the situations, the machine does not startup quickly and the tone does not sound.)
<Login Tone>
Sound produced when login is successful