Checking the Number of Pages for Print

You can check separate totals for the number of pages used for color printouts and black and white printouts. The number of printouts includes printouts of the memory media print and the list as well as printouts of data from computers.
Select <Check Counter> on the <Home> screen. <Home> Screen
Select <Counter Information>.
Check the total number of printed pages.
<113: Total (Black & White/Small)>
Displays the total number of black-and-white pages printed.
<123: Total (Full Clr + Single Clr/Small)>
Displays the total number of color pages printed.
<301: Print (Total 1)>
Displays the total number of pages printed.
Press <Monitoring Service>  <Communication Test> to check communication with the remote monitoring server. When this function is executed, information on the machine is periodically sent to the remote monitoring server. It is necessary to enable communication between the machine and the server providing the service in order to use this function.
You can print a list that shows the number of pages used for printing.
Output Report  <Counter Report>
For information on the count conditions, contact your dealer or service representative.