Replacement Parts

This section describes the replacement parts (consumables/consumable parts) used by the machine. Follow the precautions when handling and storing the replacement parts.
Genuine Consumables
Canon continuously develops technology innovations in Canon manufactured Toner, Cartridge, and Parts, specifically designed for use in Canon Multi-Functional machines.
Experience the benefits of optimal print performance, print volume and high quality outputs, achieved through Canon's new advanced technologies. Therefore, the use of Canon genuine consumables is recommended for your Canon Multi-Functional machines.
Depending on the installation environment, printing paper size, or document type, you may need to replace consumables before the end of the estimated lifetime.
To maintain print quality, the machine performs automatic calibration in accordance with changes in the environmental conditions. The machine may also perform automatic calibration when it is turned ON or recovers from sleep mode. Calibration uses the toner, and accordingly it may result in a decrease of lifetime of the toner cartridges.
The color toner cartridges are used even in black and white printing. Therefore, much use of black and white printing may also result in decrease in the remaining number of printable pages for each color.
You can check the current amount of replacement parts remaining.


Toner Cartridges

Supplied Toner Cartridges
The average yield and the weight of the toner cartridge that comes with the machine are shown below.
Average yield:* Approx. 6,000 Sheets
Weight: Approx. 0.9 kg
Y (Yellow), M (Magenta), and C (Cyan)
Average yield:* Approx. 3,200 Sheets
Weight: Approx. 0.9 kg
Replacement Toner Cartridges
Canon Genuine Toner Cartridge
Average yield and weight of toner cartridge
Canon Cartridge 064 Black 
Average yield*
6,000 Sheets
Approx. 0.9 kg
Canon Cartridge 064 Yellow 
Canon Cartridge 064 Magenta 
Canon Cartridge 064 Cyan 
Average yield*
5,000 Sheets
Approx. 0.9 kg
Canon Cartridge 064 H Black 
Average yield*
13,400 Sheets
Approx. 1.0 kg
Canon Cartridge 064 H Yellow 
Canon Cartridge 064 H Magenta 
Canon Cartridge 064 H Cyan 
Average yield*
10,400 Sheets
Approx. 0.9 kg
The average yield is based on "ISO/IEC 19798" (the global standard related to "Method for the determination of toner cartridge yield for monochromatic electrophotographic printers and multi-function devices that contain printer components" issued by ISO [International Organization for Standardization]) when printing A4 size paper with the default print density setting.
Storing toner cartridges in an improper location or environment may cause problems such as data loss.
Store toner cartridges in the following conditions:
Storage temperature range: 0 to 35°C
Storage humidity range: 35% to 85% RH (relative humidity, condensation-free)*
*Even within the approved storage humidity range, water droplets (condensation) may develop inside the toner cartridge if the temperatures inside and outside the toner cartridge differ. Condensation will adversely affect the print quality.
Store unopened until immediately prior to use.
Do not store toner cartridges upright or upside down.
Do not store toner cartridges in the following locations:
Locations exposed to open flames
Locations exposed to direct sunlight or bright light for five minutes or more
Locations exposed to excessively salty air
Locations heavily exposed to corrosive gases (e.g. aerosol sprays or ammonia)
Very hot and/or humid locations
Locations subject to dramatic changes in temperature and humidity likely to cause condensation
Very dusty locations
Locations within the reach of children
Store the packaging material safely for future use. It will be needed for situations such as storing the machine with the toner cartridges removed.
Canon reserves the right to reposition, reshape, add or remove packaging material without notice.
Be careful of counterfeit toners
Please be aware that there are counterfeit Canon toners in the marketplace. Use of counterfeit toner may result in poor print quality or machine performance. Canon is not responsible for any malfunction, accident or damage caused by the use of counterfeit toner.
For more information, see
For information on the collection of used toner cartridges, see the Notice.

Consumable Parts

Waste Toner Container

Make sure to use the dedicated waste toner container for this machine.
Waste Toner Box WT-B1
The average number of pages that can be printed per waste toner container is 54,000 sheets (paper size assumed to be A4 or Letter).
When replacing the waste toner container Replacing the Waste Toner Container