Adjusting Glossiness

This mode enables you to adjust the glossiness of the custom paper type. You can change the glossiness of a printed image when using plain paper by adjusting the temperature of the fixing unit.
Select <Paper Settings> in the Home screen. Home Screen
Select <Advanced Paper Source Settings>.
Select the paper drawer.
Select <Adjust Gloss>.
Specify the value.
Specify a larger value to increase the gloss, and specify a smaller value to decrease the gloss.
Depending on the paper, if the value in this mode is increased, a paper jam may occur. If the value is decreased, the quality of the image could be adversely affected or toner may not be applied properly to the image.
Make sure to change the value in small increments as changing the value abruptly may cause some troubles.
You can switch between positive and negative values by pressing .
Select <Apply>.