Adjusting Print Quality

If the printing results are not satisfactory such as low image quality, poor reproducibility, or print color mismatch, try the adjustments below.

Auto Adjust Gradation

If the density or brightness of colors in printouts and originals are different, perform <Auto Adjust Gradation> to improve color reproducibility. There are two types of adjustments: <Full Adjust>, <Quick Adjust>. Adjusting Gradation

Shading Correction

If the image areas of the printing have uneven density, this correction adjusts the printing so that the density is even. Correcting Uneven Density

Correct Print Color Mismatch

If the colors in printouts become blurry, perform <Correct Print Color Mismatch>. This problem may be caused by a color mismatch. Correcting "Print Color Mismatch"

Black Text Processing for Color

You can specify which cartridges to use to print black text in color printouts. Adjusting Values for Text Color Reproducibility in Color Documents

Toner Amount Reduction

You can prevent excessive toner from being fixed onto paper to reduce print failure such as poor toner fixing or bleed-through. Troubleshooting

Unevenness correction of filling

Adjust the unevenness when uneven filling occurs with the original with many filled parts. Common Problems

Improving Blurred Images

The printed image may be faint or blurred. The print result may be improved by adjusting the Secondary Transfer Voltage (the voltage that transfers toner to the paper). Improving Blurred Images

Adjust Gloss

You can adjust the glossiness of the image printed on plain paper. Adjusting Glossiness