All the settings about the copy are listed with short descriptions. Default settings are marked with a dagger ().
Asterisks (*)
Settings marked with an asterisk (*) may not be displayed depending on the options or other setting items.

<Change Default Settings (Copy)>

You can change the factory default settings about copy. The selected settings are used as the default settings of the copy function. Changing the Default Settings for Functions
<Number of Copies>
1 to 999
<Paper Source>
<Drawer 1>
<Drawer 2>
<Select Color>
<Auto (Color/B&W)>
<Full Color>
<Black & White>
Nine Levels
<Adjust Background Density>
<Adjust (Manual)>
    Nine Levels
    <Density by Color>
        <Red>: Nine Levels
        <Green>: Nine Levels
        <Blue>: Nine Levels
<Copy Ratio>
Custom Ratio
<100% 1:1>
<400% Max>
<200% A5->A3>
<141% A4/LTR->A3>
<122% A4/LTR->B4>
<115% B5->A4/LTR>
<86% A4/LTR->B5>
<81% B4->A4/LTR>
<70% A3->A4/LTR>
<61% A3->B5>
<50% A3->A5>
<25% Min>
<Book->2 Pages>
<2-Sided Printing>
<Orig./Fin. Type>
<N on 1>
<2 on 1>
<4 on 1>
<Original Type>
<Text/Photo/Map (Speed Priority)>
<Text/Photo/Map (Image Quality Priority)>
<Printed Image>
<Different Size Originals>*
<Collate (Page Order)>
<Group (Same Pages)>
<Erase Frame>
<Erase Original Frame>
<Erase Book Frame>
Seven Levels
<Color Balance>
17 Levels
<Fine Adjust>
<High>: 17 Levels
<Medium>: 17 Levels
<Low>: 17 Levels

<Auto Recognize Original Orientation>

If you set this setting to <On>, even if the orientations of your original and the paper set in the paper drawer differ, the image of the original is rotated 90 degrees automatically according to the orientation of the paper when printing copies.
If you are enlarging A4 or A5 originals onto A3 copy paper, Auto Orientation is not performed even if it is set to <On>.
Only the images of standard size originals up to A4 size can be rotated when the copy ratio is set to 100%.