<User Management>

All the settings related to user management of the machine are listed with descriptions. Default settings are marked with a dagger ().

<System Manager Information Settings>

Specify the ID or PIN exclusively for Administrators who have access privileges to <Network> and <Management Settings>. ID is <System Manager ID> and PIN is <System Manager PIN>. You can also register the name of an Administrator. Setting the System Manager ID and PIN
<System Manager ID and PIN>
Enter a number of up to seven digits for the System Manager ID and PIN.
<System Manager ID>
<System Manager PIN>
<System Manager Name>
Enter alphanumeric characters for the name of an Administrator.

<Department ID Management>

Set the Department ID Management function to control access to the machine by using multiple IDs. Setting the Department ID Management
<Enable Dept. ID Management>
<Allow Print Jobs (Unknown IDs)>
<Allow Scan Jobs (Unknown IDs)>
<Allow Black & White Copy Jobs>
You can select <Register/Edit> to register department IDs and edit the settings of the registered IDs.
You can select <Count Mngt.> to check the total number of pages for jobs that have been executed to date on a department ID basis.