Viewing Network Settings

The IP address is not correctly configured if it is displayed as "".
Connecting the machine to a switching hub or bridge may result in a connection failure even when the IP address is correctly configured. This problem can be solved by setting a certain interval before the machine starts communicating. Setting a Wait Time for Connecting to a Network
You can print a list of the current network settings. User Data List/System Manager Data List

Viewing IPv4 Settings

<Status Monitor>  <Network Information>  <IPv4>  Select the setting to view  Check the settings

Viewing IPv6 Settings

<Status Monitor>  <Network Information>  <IPv6>  Select the setting to view  Check the settings

Viewing the MAC Address for Wired LAN

Select <Menu> in the Home screen. Home Screen
Select <Preferences>  <Network>.
If the login screen appears, enter the correct ID and PIN. Logging in to the Machine
Select <Ethernet Driver Settings>.
The MAC address is displayed.

Viewing the MAC Address and Information for Wireless LAN

Select <Wireless LAN Settings> in the Home screen. Home Screen
When a message appears on the display of the machine, select <Yes>.
If a message is displayed telling that no access point can be found, select <Close>.
Select <Connection Set.>.
Select <Connection Information>.
Select the setting to view.
Viewing security information
To view WEP and WPA/WPA2-PSK information, select <Security Settings>.
Viewing from the <Status Monitor> screen
<Wireless LAN Status> and <Latest Error Information> can be viewed from <Status Monitor>.
<Status Monitor>  <Network Information>  <Network Connection Type>  Select the setting to view