<Data Management>

The settings for utilizing the machine settings and for initializing data are listed with descriptions. Default settings are marked with a dagger ().
Asterisks (*)
Settings marked with an asterisk (*) cannot be imported or exported.

<Import/Export> *

You can use a USB memory device to import and export data in the Address Book and various settings of the machine. For more information about the available USB memory devices and how to insert/remove the USB memory device, see Using a USB Memory Device.
If the <Address Book PIN> screen appears
If a PIN has been set for the Address Book, the <Address Book PIN> screen appears during importing/exporting. Enter the Address Book PIN and select <Apply>. Select <Skip> to cancel Address Book data importing/exporting.
When import is executed
The machine automatically restarts after the import process has finished.

<Enable Prod. Ext'd Survey Prog.>

Enable or disable the Product Extended Survey Program (a program for the machine usage survey).

<Initialize Key and Certificate> *

Select to restore [Key and Certificate Settings] and [CA Certificate Settings] to the factory defaults. Initializing Key and Certificate

<Initialize Address Book> *

Select to restore the Address Book settings to the factory defaults. Initializing Address Book

<Initialize Menu> *

Select to restore the settings listed below to the factory defaults. You can restore all the settings listed below at once, or you can restore individual settings separately. Initializing Menu
<Function Settings>
<Set Destination>
<Management Settings>
<Initialize All>