Receiving I-Faxes for Printing

Internet Fax (I-Fax) is a function that attaches a file to an e-mail as a TIFF image file and transfers it. This machine can receive I-Faxes and print them. I-Faxes can be received automatically at the specified intervals, and also received manually.

Configuring the I-Fax RX Settings

Configure the I-Fax RX setting from a computer, and the print settings from the operation panel of this machine.
For more information about the basic operations to be performed when setting the machine from the Remote UI, see Setting Up Menu Options from Remote UI.
From a Computer
Start the Remote UI and log in to System Manager Mode. Starting Remote UI
Click [Settings/Registration] on the Portal page. Remote UI Screen
Select [Network Settings]  [E-Mail/I-Fax Settings].
Click [Edit].
Specify the required settings.
[POP Server]
Enter alphanumeric characters as the POP3 server name or IP address for receiving I-Faxes.
[User Name]
Enter alphanumeric characters as the user name for the specified e-mail account.
[Set/Change Password]
To set or change the password, select the check box and enter alphanumeric characters in [Password].
Select the check box to receive I-Faxes.
[POP Interval]
This sets the interval (in minutes) used for automatically connecting to the POP3 server. If there are any I-Fax documents on the server, they are automatically received and printed.
To disable automatic reception
Set [POP Interval] to [0]. When [0] is set, you receive I-Faxes manually. Receiving I-Faxes Manually
[Use APOP Authentication]
Select the check box to use APOP to encrypt the password during the authentication process.
[Use TLS for POP]
Select the check box to encrypt communication with the POP3 server using TLS. Select the check box for [Verify Certificate] or [Add CN to Verification Items] depending on your needs.
Click [OK].
Restart the machine. Restarting the Machine
From the Operation Panel
Specify the print settings as necessary.
 Specifying the setting for 2-sided printing
<Print on Both Sides>
 Specifying the paper size
<RX Print Size>
Depending on the network you are using, you may need to change the POP3 port setting (Changing Port Numbers). For more information, contact your Internet service provider or Network Administrator.

Receiving I-Faxes Manually

If the I-Fax RX setting is completely configured from the POP3 server, you can manually receive I-Faxes and print them. When you want to connect to the server before receiving I-Faxes automatically, or when the machine is configured so that it does not receive I-Faxes automatically, use the method below to receive I-Faxes manually.
Select <Status Monitor>.
Select <RX Job>.
Select <Check E-Mail RX>.
Connect to the POP3 server. If there is a document on the server, printing begins.
Printing a Received Document on Both Sides of Paper: <Print on Both Sides>
Continuing printing even when toner is running low: <Continue Print. When Cart. Low>