<Data Management>

The settings for utilizing the machine settings and for initializing data are listed with descriptions. Default settings are marked with a dagger ().
Asterisks (*)
Settings marked with an asterisk (*) cannot be imported or exported.

<Import/Export> *

You can import and export various settings of the machine by using a USB memory device. For more information about the available USB memory devices and how to insert/remove the USB memory device, see Using a USB Memory Device.
When import is executed
The machine automatically restarts after the import process has finished.

<Enable Prod. Ext'd Survey Prog.>

Enable or disable the Product Extended Survey Program (a program for the machine usage survey).

<Initialize Key and Certificate> *

Select to restore [Key and Certificate Settings] and [CA Certificate Settings] to the factory defaults. Initializing Key and Certificate

<Initialize Menu> *

Select to restore the settings listed below to the factory defaults. You can restore all the settings listed below at once, or you can restore individual settings separately. Initializing Menu
<Function Settings>
<Management Settings>
<Initialize All>