All the settings related to the software and system options available for the machine as well as about Register License are listed with descriptions. Default settings are marked with a dagger ().
Asterisks (*)
Settings marked with an asterisk (*) cannot be imported or exported.

<Register License> *

Enter the license key for a system option that can be used on the machine. License Registration

<Remote UI Settings> *

Configure settings for using the Remote UI. Using the Remote UI allows you to configure machine settings from a Web browser.
<Remote UI>
Select whether to use the Remote UI (Disabling Remote UI). When using Remote UI, you can also specify whether to use the TLS encrypted communication (Configuring the Key and Certificate for TLS).
<Use Remote UI>
<Use TLS>
<Restrict Access>
Set a PIN of up to 7 digits for access to the Remote UI. All users use a common PIN. Setting a Remote UI PIN
<Remote UI Access PIN>

<Update Firmware> *

Select how to install the firmware update according to the environment of the machine. Updating the Firmware
<Via PC>
<Via Internet>
<Version Information>