Paper Alignment on Finisher Tray A/B

You can adjust paper alignment when outputting on Tray A or B of a finisher.
This mode can be set when the Staple Finisher-AF or Booklet Finisher-AF is attached. Staple Finisher-AF/Booklet Finisher-AF
You cannot align output paper in the following situations:
when using paper smaller than A5R
when using different size paper together
If you set <Align Output Paper of Diff. Sizes (Diff. Widths)> to <On>, you can align output paper by paper width. <Align Output Paper of Diff. Sizes (Diff. Widths)> *
Press  (Settings/Registration) <Adjustment/Maintenance> <Adjust Action> <Finisher Tray A Alignment Adjustment> or <Finisher Tray B Alignment Adjustment>.
Press <-> or <+> to adjust the paper alignment <OK>.
You can switch between positive and negative values by pressing <±>.
If the alignment guide's position is too close to the paper, a paper jam or paper crease may occur. Make sure to perform fine adjustment of the alignment guide's position.