You can customize the machine based on your environment and needs by configuring settings described in this chapter. To start configuration, press  (Settings/Registration).
This section describes what each item in the Settings/Registration menu can configure. Note that the items available differ depending on the user privileges at login and the devices being used.
The sound settings (Adjust Volume) appear when you press <Volume Settings>.
Some of the settings may not be displayed depending on the configuration of optional equipment installed on the machine.
Some changes may not be reflected immediately, depending on the settings. In this case, it is necessary to perform one of the following.
Press <Yes> on the screen confirming whether you want to make changes.
Press  (Settings/Registration) <Apply Set. Changes>.
Restart the machine.
The items that administrators can set differ from those available to general users. The items that can be set also differ depending on the function limitations applied by users with administrator privileges.

Lists of Settings

Setting items and values are written under Setting Description. The factory defaults are written in bold red characters.
"DeviceAdmin" and "NetworkAdmin"
The "DeviceAdmin" and "NetworkAdmin" items are written for each item in the Settings/Registration table. If the administrator role is specified for the machine, users with Administrator privileges can change all of the settings, while general users are restricted and can change only some of the settings. Meanwhile, users with DeviceAdmin or NetworkAdmin privileges can change certain settings even while those settings are restricted. For those settings, "Yes" or "No" indicates whether the settings can be changed with DeviceAdmin and NetworkAdmin privileges.
"Can be set in Remote UI" and "Device Information Delivery Available"
The "Can be set in Remote UI" and "Device Information Delivery Available" items are written for each item in the Settings/Registration table. "Yes" or "No" indicates if the settings can/cannot be set in the Remote UI or are/are not available for Device Information Distribution.
Import All Function
The "Import All Function" item is written in the Settings/Registration table. Depending on whether a setting item can be batch imported, "A", "B", "C", or "No" is written.
Meanings of A, B, and C
Name of Item When Exporting with the Remote UI
This section indicates which Settings/Registration items correspond with which items of the batch export function of the Remote UI. "-" is indicated for items that are not imported/exported. Importing/Exporting All Settings
Items Available for Batch Export from Remote UI

<Personal Settings> and <Device Settings>

When User Authentication (Managing Users) is enabled, <Personal Settings> and <Device Settings> are displayed on the screen after you log in with Administrator privileges by pressing  (Settings/Registration). If you select <Personal Settings> and change the items that can be personalized, settings are registered as the personal settings for the user who is logged into the machine (List of Items That Can Be Personalized). If you select <Device Settings>, settings are registered as the settings of the machine. If you log in as a user without Administrator privileges, just like when selecting <Personal Settings>, if you change settings that can be personalized, settings are registered as personal settings without being registered as device settings.