Inspecting the Breaker

This machine has a breaker that detects excess current or leakage current.
Before testing the breaker, turn off the main power switch on this machine and check that the subsequent shutdown process is completed. Be sure to test the breaker about once a month.
Breakers are installed on the marking engine and fixing station, for a total of two locations. Be sure to test all the breakers.
You can start the inspection from any breaker. The procedure is all the same.
Turn OFF the main power. Turning OFF the Machine
Make sure that the main power is turned OFF, before inspecting the breaker.
The machine may take some time to completely shutdown. Start the inspection until the main power indicator (Control Panel (Optional)) is OFF.
Push the test button with the tip of a ball-point pen or a similar object.
Briefly push the test button.
Confirm that the breaker dial is in the OFF ("" side) position.
Switch the breaker lever to ON ("|" side).
Turn ON the main power. Turning ON the Machine