Saving Documents in the Mail Box

There are two methods for saving documents in the Mail Box: scanning originals from the machine and sending files on a computer from the printer driver. Print settings are saved together with documents that are saved from a printer driver, allowing you to always print documents with the same finishing, as well as saving you the trouble of specifying settings.
We recommend that you delete unwanted files or image data from your Mail Box to make space for storing new documents.
For information on how to send a file on your computer, see the manual of your printer driver.

Scanning from the Machine to Save

Set the original. Placing Originals
Press <Scan and Store>. <Home> Screen
Select the box to save in.
For information on the items on the screen and instructions on how to use them, see Editing Files in the Mail Box.
Press <Scan>.
(Items shown on the screen may differ depending on your model and options.)
Specify the scan settings as necessary.
For scan settings, see Setting Screen and Operations for Scanning to Save.
Press  (Start).
Originals are scanned and saved as files.
To cancel scanning, press <Cancel> or  (Stop)  <Yes>.
When <Press the [Start] key to scan the next original.> is displayed