Problems with MEAP

User authentication fails when Windows Server firewall is set.

Communication using LDAP server authentication is blocked by the firewall.

Stop blocking port 389.
* Communication is performed with the TCP protocol using port 389 by default. If you have changed the port, stop blocking the new port.

Cannot log in to Active Directory.

Did you perform user registration before installing Active Directory?

After installation, accounts are automatically generated in the "Users" folder, but since a user logon name is not set, you cannot log in to the Active Directory of User Authentication because the user information cannot be retrieved even if a key is generated. Perform the following operations to change the settings.
Start the "Active Directory Users and Computers." management tool of Active Directory.
Right-click the user registered before installing Active Directory.
Select [Properties] from the pop-up menu.
Select the [Account] tab, specify [User logon name], and click [OK].
Right-click the user you changed the settings for.
Select [Reset Password] from the pop-up menu.
Enter the new password in the [Reset Password] dialog box, and click [OK].

Startup is slow.

A host that name resolution cannot be performed for (an address that cannot be identified) is set in the SRV record retrieved with automatic domain retrieval.

Login is slow.

Multiple domain controllers manage the specified domain. Login may be slow because User Authentication performs the authentication process for all domain controllers until login succeeds. Check the domain controller and make changes if necessary.