Keeping Received Documents Private

This function is to save in the specified storage location (Confidential Fax Inbox) the received documents that match specific conditions. The Confidential Fax Inbox contains multiple boxes, and each box can be protected by password. By specifying a condition such as saving all documents from Company A in Box No. 10, you are allowed to only check the documents you need. This function also enables you to prevent unauthorized persons from seeing confidential documents unintentionally by setting a password. When the Processing/Data indicator on the control panel maintains a steady green, follow the following procedures to check/print saved documents.
To use this function
Some settings such as the save location and password for documents need to be registered beforehand.
Press <Fax/I-Fax Inbox>. <Home> Screen
Press <Confidential Fax Inbox>.
Select the box where documents are saved.
If the password is set for the box, the screen appears prompting you to enter the password. Enter the password and press <OK>.
A list of saved documents is displayed.
Select the document to print and press <Print>.
Pressing <Details> enables you to check information about the document, including senders' names and the number of pages received.
Pressing <Display Image> enables you to check the contents of the document as well as select and delete pages.
Pressing <Delete>  <Yes> deletes the document. You cannot delete multiple documents simultaneously. To delete multiple documents, select and delete one document at a time.
You cannot print multiple documents simultaneously. To print multiple documents, select and print one document at a time.
Press <Start Printing>.
To delete the document to print, press <Delete File After Printing> before printing.
Printing starts.
You can set to receive the URL of the save location by e-mail when receiving documents. Just entering the URL in the address bar of a Web browser enables you to check the contents of documents from your computer through the Remote UI. <Set/Register Confidential Fax Inboxes>
Registering an arbitrary level of Fax Inboxes to the <Personal>/<Shared> button enables operations to be executed quickly and efficiently.