Printing at a Specified Time (Scheduled Printing)

You can set a time to start printing, which is useful when printing large amounts of documents at night, etc.
To use the scheduled print function, it is necessary to set <Forced Hold> to <Off> in advance.
To use the scheduled print function, it is necessary to set <Use ACCESS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM> to <Off> in advance.
The scheduled print jobs are deleted when <Use ACCESS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM> is set to <On>.

Sending Scheduled Print Documents from a Computer

Open the document and display the print screen.
For information on displaying the print screen, see the help for the application.
Select the machine, and click [Details] or [Properties].
Select [Scheduled Print] from [Output Method] and click [Yes].
Specify [Print Start Time] and click [OK].
Configure the print settings as necessary, and click [OK].
Click [Print] or [OK].
The document is sent to the machine.
The scheduled print jobs are executed according to the time set in the machine. Confirm that the time set in the machine matches that of your computer in advance.
If a print job is scheduled at a time longer than 24 hours in advance, the job is canceled.
A print start time between 0:00 and 23:59 is specified on the printer driver screen, but the time is processed in the format year, month, day, hour, minute, and second (with the second fixed to 0).

Checking the Scheduled Print Jobs

Press <Print>. <Home> Screen
Press <Scheduled Print>, and check the print jobs waiting to be output.
The scheduled print date and time can be checked in <Scheduled>.
To delete a print job, select the document, and press <Delete Job>.
Scheduled print jobs are deleted after they are executed. They are also not displayed in <Jobs Printed>.