Carry out maintenance to clean the machine and control condensation.
* Values in bold red text are the default settings for each item.

[Clean Fixing Assembly]

[Menu] [Adjustment/Maintenance] [Maintenance]
Perform this operation to clean the fixing assembly if black streaks appear on printed paper following procedures such as toner cartridge replacement. Cleaning the Fixing Assembly

[Clean ITB]

[Menu] [Adjustment/Maintenance] [Maintenance]
If the printout is smudged, the transfer belt (ITB) inside the machine may be dirty. Perform this operation to clean the transfer belt. Cleaning the Transfer Belt

[Clean Feeder]

[Menu] [Adjustment/Maintenance] [Maintenance]
If wiping and cleaning the feeder does not remedy the problems listed below, perform this operation to clean the feeder. Cleaning the Feeder with Paper
Originals become dirty
Originals frequently jam
Printouts appear smudged after scanning, copying, or sending faxes

[Control Condensation]

[Menu] [Adjustment/Maintenance] [Maintenance]
In environments subject to sudden temperature changes, condensation may form and cause images and/or text to be faint or blurred. If so, specifying [On] may improve the print results.
During condensation removal, a blank sheet of paper may be output without printing correctly. If you set this to [On], you can set whether to restrict printing.
* If you set this to [On], you must keep the machine ON to continuously remove the condensation. The Auto Shutdown Time setting is disabled.
Models with a fax function
[Use Fax Memory Lock]
[Use Fax Memory Lock + Do Not Allow Job Printing During Process]
Models without a fax function
[Allow Job Printing During Process]
[Do Not Allow Job Printing During Process]