Configuring FTP PASV Mode

PASV mode is an FTP communication mode. You must configure PASV mode when there is a firewall between the FTP server and the machine.
This section describes how to configure the settings using Remote UI from a computer.
On the operation panel, select [Menu] in the [Home] screen, and then select [Preferences] to configure the settings. [Use FTP PASV Mode]
Administrator privileges are required. The machine must be restarted to apply the settings.
Required Preparations
Check that PASV mode has been configured on the FTP server.
Log in to Remote UI in System Manager Mode. Starting Remote UI
On the Portal page of Remote UI, click [Settings/Registration]. Portal Page of Remote UI
Click [Network Settings] [FTP PASV Mode Settings] [Edit].
The [Edit FTP PASV Mode Settings] screen is displayed.
Select the [Use FTP PASV Mode] checkbox, and click [OK].
Restart the machine. Restarting the Machine
The settings are applied.