Specifying Destinations (Direct Input)

To specify a destination not registered to the Address Book or LDAP server, directly enter the destination using the scan or fax screen of the operation panel.

Using the Scan Screen

On the [Specify Destination] tab of the scan screen, press [Use Keyboard].
Enter an e-mail address, and press [Apply].
The destination is specified.

Using the Fax Screen

On the [Enter Dest.] tab of the fax screen, enter a fax number.
If you entered an incorrect fax number, press [] to clear the number.
To enter a second and subsequent destinations, press [Next Dest.]. If the [Confirm] screen is displayed, enter the fax number again, and press [Apply].
When sending a fax to an international destination, enter the international access number, country code, and fax number in that order. If you are unable to connect, press [Pause] in between the numbers to add a pause. You can change the pause time. [Set Pause Time]