Basic Operations

This chapter describes the basic operations common to all functions of the machine and how to understand the screen layout.
Managing and Saving Power
You can turn OFF the power to conserve energy or when cleaning and restart the machine to apply the settings.
You can use sleep mode to reduce power consumption.
Turning ON and OFF the Machine
Reducing Power Consumption (Sleep Mode)
Using the Operational Panel
Use the operation panel to scan, copy, and perform other functions and to configure the settings of the machine.
Using the Operation Panel
When the login screen is displayed, enter the required login information to continue operations.
Logging In to the Machine
Placing Originals and Loading Paper
Place the original on the platen glass or in the feeder when scanning, sending a fax, or copying.
Load printing and copying paper into the paper drawer or multi-purpose tray according to your usage.
Placing Originals
Loading Paper
Registering and Specifying Destinations
Register destinations for sending and saving scanned data and faxes to the Address Book of the machine.
In addition to specifying destinations from the Address Book, you can also directly enter them, use the TX Job Log, and use other methods to specify them.
Registering Destinations (Address Book)
Specifying Destinations
Using a USB Memory Device
When exchanging data between a USB memory device and the machine, handle the device properly to prevent damage to the device and errors.
Inserting and Removing a USB Memory Device
Customizing Functions and Settings
You can register frequently used settings for each function and change the settings for easier and more convenient use of the machine.
Registering Frequently Used Settings
Adjusting the Volume (For Models with a Fax Function)
Adjusting the Volume (For Models without a Fax Function)