Specifying Destinations (Address Book on a Mobile Device)

When sending scanned data by e-mail, you can specify destinations registered to the Address Book on a mobile device using the scan screen of the operation panel.
Required Preparations
Install Canon PRINT Business to the mobile device. Using a Dedicated Application to Print and Scan (Canon PRINT Business)
Configure the settings to enable the machine to connect to the Address Book on the mobile device. [Link Mobile Device Addr. Book]
On the [Specify Destination] tab of the scan screen, press [Mobile Portal].
Connect to the mobile device. Connecting a Mobile Device to the Machine
Send the destination information from the mobile device to the machine.
For details about sending, see the Canon PRINT Business manual at the online manual site.
You can also send the subject, message, and file name entered on the mobile device to the machine.
Confirm the destination information displayed on the screen of the machine, and press [OK].
The destinations are specified.