Preparing to Send Faxes from a Computer

Make the following preparations for each computer used to send faxes.

Step 1: Installing the Driver to the Computer

Install the fax driver to the computer that will be used to send faxes. Installing Software and Drivers to the Computer

Step 2: Using a Driver to Set the Department ID and PIN

When Department ID Management is enabled on the machine, set the Department ID and PIN by specifying the fax driver. Setting the Department ID and PIN on a Computer
* You can skip this step when not using Department ID Management. Proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: Configuring the Settings for Secure Sending

While sending faxes from a computer can be convenient, there is a risk of sending them to incorrect numbers. To reduce this risk, it is recommended that you configure the following settings using the fax driver.

When Using Windows

Click [] (Start)  [] (Settings)  [Devices]  [Printers & scanners].
The [Printers & scanners] screen is displayed.
Click the fax driver of the machine [Manage] [Printing preferences].
The [Printing preferences] screen of the fax driver is displayed.
Configure the settings for secure sending.
Enable confirmation of fax number.
Set an external connecting number.
Keep a TX Job Log.
For more information, click [Help] on the [Printing preferences] screen to display help.

When Using macOS

Configure the settings to safely send faxes using the print dialog box (fax driver setting screen).
Enable confirmation of fax number.
Set an external connecting number.
For more information, click [] in the print dialog box to display help.

Step 4: Test Fax Sending

When installation and setup are complete, you can test to see if you can send faxes correctly. Sending Faxes from a Computer (PC Faxing)