Checking the Information of Printer Applications

This section describes the method for confirming the information of applications installed in printers.
Information on the applications installed in printers is retrieved by a built-in task (Retrieve Printer Information). For details on updating the information, see the following.
The installation status of applications can also be checked from the Service Management Service of the printer. For details, see the following.
Printer instruction manuals

Checking the Information via a Report

You can check the number of printers with applications installed and the printers where applications are installed.
To check the application information for each printer, see the following.
Select the [Reports] menu > [Applications].
On the [Applications] page, check the applications installed in the printers.
Click [Devices] to check the printers where the application is installed on the [Application Details] page.
Exporting application information
Click [Export].
Select the file format.
Follow the instructions on the screen to save the file.
There are cautions to follow when exporting to a CSV file. For details, see the following.

Checking the Information in the Device List

Select the [Devices] menu > [Device List].
Click [Device Name] of the printer you want to check from the device list.
Click the [Device-Specific Info] tab on the [Device Details] page.
Information on the applications installed in the printer are displayed.