Device Setting Values Management

This section provides a brief description of what you can do with Device Setting Values Management.
For details on the Device Setting Values Management, see the following.
Data for device setting values, keys/certificates, and security policies is distributed to printers from the Manager via the Agent. (The data are not retained in the Agent.)

Managing Device Setting Values

Backing Up Device Setting Values

Back up the device setting values of printers to this software. Specify the settings to back up by category.
Download backup data to create device setting values for distribution.

Distributing Device Setting Values

Distribute the device setting value data registered to this software to multiple printers.

Monitoring/Distributing Device Setting Values

Monitor whether the device setting values set in printers match a standard. You can also distribute standard device setting values to restore settings when they do not match the standard.

Managing Keys/Certificates

Retrieving Keys/Certificates

You can retrieve the keys/certificates of printers.

Adding Keys/Certificates

You can add the keys/certificates registered to this software to multiple printers.

Deleting Keys/Certificates

You can delete the keys/certificates of printers from printers.

Managing Security Policies

Monitoring/Distributing Security Policies

Monitor whether the security policy set in printers matches a standard. You can also distribute a standard security policy to restore settings.

Changing the Password of Security Policies

Change the password of security policies set in printers.