Managing Created Tasks

This section describes the method for checking and editing a user-defined task.
You can select created tasks to execute again or create new tasks based on existing tasks.
Select the [Tasks] menu > [Task List].
Perform the required operations in the list on the [Task List] page.
Checking/editing a task
Select the target task in the list.
On the details page for the task, edit the information as required.
For details, see the following.
If you have edited the task, click [Update].
Creating a task based on an existing task
Click [] (Duplicate) for the task to reuse.
A task called [<Name of reused task> - Copy] is added to the list.
Copied tasks are set to the [Inactive] state by default.
Edit the copied task.
Deleting a task
Select the target task in the list.
Click [Delete] on the task details page.