Checking Printers for Management

In order to manage device setting values, it is necessary to first determine whether the target printers are set for management. This is performed by a built-in task that is automatically executed (Check Device Setting Values Management Functionality).

Checking the Execution Result of the Built-in Task (Check Device Setting Values Management Functionality)

Select the [Tasks] menu > [History].
Select [All Tasks] from the drop-down list.
Sort [Ended] in descending order, and click [Status] for the latest [Check Device Setting Values Management Functionality].
Click the [Targets] tab on the [Task Result Details] page.
Check the execution result of [Check Device Setting Values Management Functionality].
The [Status] for each printer indicates whether the check was successful. (It does not indicated whether the target function is supported.)
The check for whether the printer supports Device Setting Values Management was successful.
Click [Status] to check the status of support on the [Target Details] page.
[Error] is displayed when the check could not be performed because communication or authentication failed, etc.
Click [Status] to check the details of the error on the [Target Details] page.
When [Authentication Error] is displayed, execute the [Check Device Setting Values Management Functionality] task again after registering the authentication information of the target printer to this software. For details, see the following.

Changing the Settings of the Built-in Task

Select the [Tasks] menu > [Built-In Tasks].
Click [Check Device Setting Values Management Functionality].
Change the settings as required.
Select [Active] to use the Device Setting Values Management.
[Task Execution]
For details, see the description for the [Scheduled] tab on the following page.
Click [Apply].