Changes from Ver. 3.12 to Ver. 3.13

The changes in Platform Version Ver. 3.13 are listed below. The functions and settings listed here may not be available on some models. For details, see the descriptions in the links in each change.

Changes to Functions

Renaming of the button displayed in the <Home> screen
Support for WPA3 security type via wireless LAN connection
Adding an item to force users to change their passwords at initial login to the information of the user to be registered in the local device
Change to specifications (Supported Operating Systems/System environment)
The TPM version has been added to the items that can be checked in the device information.

Changes to Settings/Registration

<Recommended Security Set. for Usage Environment> added
Renaming of <Use WSD Scan Function>
Renaming of <DNS Host/Domain Name Settings>
Renaming of <Enter Network Key (PSK)>
Renaming of <PSK>
<WPA2-PSK/WPA3-SAE> and <WPA3-SAE> have been added to the <Security Settings> setting items
Renaming of <Security Settings> (<WPA/WPA2-PSK>)
Renaming of <Paper Drawer Auto Selection On/Off>
Renaming of <Paper Drawer Auto Selection Based on Color>
Renaming of <Settings for Sent Document Backup>
Renaming of <Use Sent Document Backup Function>