Selecting Color Printing or Black and White Printing

You can select the color mode for printing. For example, this enables you to save toner by printing color originals in black and white, or printing tickets with a single color such as red or blue to indicate the date they are distributed.
Press <Access Stored Files>. <Home> Screen
Select a mail box, select a file you want to print and press <Print>.
Press <Select Color>.
Select the color to print with.
 <Auto (Color/B&W)>
Automatically detects the color of the original. Color pages are printed in four colors (CMYK), and black and white pages are printed in black (K) only.
 <Black & White>
Prints in black (K) only, regardless of the color of the original.
 <Two Colors>
Prints in black and the color you specify. Select <Red>, <Green>, <Blue>, <Yellow>, <Magenta>, or <Cyan>.
You can set whether to replace a chromatic color other than the specified color (or approximate color) with black or the specified color. <Conversion Color by Specific Color for Two Colors Print>
 <Single Color>
Prints with the color you specify only. Select <Red>, <Green>, <Blue>, <Yellow>, <Magenta>, or <Cyan>.
Example: If you print with red
Press <OK>.
When the Auto (Color/B&W) mode is set, black-and-white prints are output at the same speed as colour prints.
If a black-and-white document is printed in the <Full Color>, <Single Color>, or <Two Colors> mode, it is counted as a color print.