Adjust Action

This section describes how to adjust image quality for copying and printing.

Saddle Stitch Staple Repositioning

Feeds papers to the saddle stitcher unit and staples them several times, and performs the saddle stitch staple repositioning procedure. The machine performs this adjustment procedure if stapling has not been performed after you clear a staple jam or replace the staple cartridge.

Change Fold/Stitch Position

If the saddle stitch position of the paper is not exactly in the middle of the booklet, you can make adjustments to the saddle stitch position.

Adjust Saddle Stitch Fold Position

You can adjust the saddle stitch folding position during booklet printing.

Adjust Double Staple Width

You can adjust the double staple width.

Speed/Precision Priority for Double Staple

You can set whether to give priority to the double stapling speed or to precision.
<Speed/Precision Priority for Double Staple>

Adjust Trim Width

This function enables you to adjust the trimming width of Saddle Stitch printouts in 0.1 mm increments for each paper size.

Fine Adjust Perfect Binding Finishing Size

You can make fine adjustments to the trimming width of the Perfect Binder.

Adjust Perfect Binding Glue Application

When you make a booklet in the Perfect Binding mode, you must use the correct amount of glue or the bound booklet may be poorly finished, as shown the illustration below. In this case, adjust the amount of glue to improve the finishing condition of the booklet.

Color/B&W Priority for First Print Time

You can set whether priority is given to color or black-and-white printing for the first print time.

Adjust Fold Position

You can adjust the paper fold position when configuring the fold function.

Correct Curl for Each Paper Drawer

This mode enables you to adjust the curl correction level of each paper source.

Alignment Adjustment When Stapling

The printed paper may shrink because of temperature, humidity, or a characteristic of the paper type. In this case, this mode enables you to align copied or printed papers by adjusting the position of the alignment guide inside the finisher so as to staple the aligned papers.

Finisher Tray A Alignment Adjustment

You can adjust paper alignment when outputting on Tray A of a finisher.

Finisher Tray B Alignment Adjustment

You can adjust paper alignment when outputting on Tray B of a finisher.

Finisher Output Priority Settings

You can give a priority to productivity or alignment for the output paper.

Switch Saddle Fold Mode

You can set whether to prioritize productivity or alignment when using Saddle Fold.

Start Key Touch Recognition Delay

Adjust the touch time required to begin startup processing.